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What is Homeschooling?

Updated: 7 days ago

Homeschooling is when your children are educated at home either part time or full time.

Some public schools offer homeschooling as a part or full time option depending on what state you reside in. Those public schools usually are charter schools, however some non-charter public schools offer homeschooling through online learning for students who need to be home for special circumstances such as illness or social issues. Charter schools are non government run schools that are government funded. Some have a homeschool option depending on the state.

However, most homeschoolers are homeschooled through private means depending on what the state permits. This means the parents are homeschooling their children apart from the government and are subsequently paying out of pocket for all costs related. Some consider true homeschooling to be done without government interference, by the parents only, with the children being home full time.

Since homeschooling has become more popular and there are more options available than there used to be, homeschooling can look very different from family to family and state to state. Some families might employ a tutor to accomplish some or all of the home education. This could be the case with parents who both work full time, however there are cases of parents homeschooling while also working full time jobs. Others might utilize an enrichment program where their children attend in person and receive all of their instruction, completing the lessons independently at home on the days they do not attend in person. There are also private schools that offer homeschooling full or part time.

There are many options out there, but homeschooling is essentially parents teaching their children or resourcing out for their children to be taught outside of one size fits all institutions. This is the key to why homeschoolers tend to outperform public school children. One size does not fit all and thus children who are homeschooled get a more tailored education where their gifts can be identified and nurtured, they get more one on one attention, and they have more time available to grow, develop, and pursue their curiosities.

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